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Somnium (Game Jam)


Somnuim was a game that was created by a team of 4 for a game jam organized by some students at the University of Greenwich. The time limit was 2 days.
The game was completed within the time span, and whilst having several technical features did not win. But we were very happy with what we achieved within the short space of time.

The game features:

  • Randomly placed levels. Level sections are pre-made and are new sections are placed to fill empty join points. The level generation can continue without limit as past level sections are removed to preserve memory.
  • Weapons such as the bouncy daggers that pushes enemies back, the explosive rubber ducky gun, bouncing baseball pistol and the generic melee sword.
  • A void that chases you to force you to move forward. This void will always follow and is coded to not allow it to get too far away to ensure the danger is always present.
  • Enemies that chase you when they have direct line of sight.

What i worked on:

I worked on the world generation of the game, as well as the inventory item system base that allows the picking up and swapping of items. I also put together the UI components for the inventory and health display.


W A S D for movement. Mouse to look and Left Click to fire/attack.

Size: 25.9 MB
Engine: Unity 2017.1
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 and newer (X32/86)

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