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MiiWorld Logo

Mii World

Mii World is a simulation mobile game. You can explore environments, redecorate them, play with various items. You can create custom characters with unlockable clothes and put them into environments.


City Boom is a Merge game in the family genre for mobile. I work on the Unity client using C#.Currently in Early Access on mobile platforms:

Acute art app kaws

Acute Art App

The Acute Art app is a collaborative app created to allow users to view virtual artworks in AR on their Android or iOS device. The app includes rentable and purchasable artworks from the artists KAWS. Find out more on the official website This app was developed using Unity 2019 and also utilizes advanced features from […]

Cao Fei – The Eternal Wave VR – Art Exhibition

Project Description Cao Fei, The Eternal Wave is an art exhibition that includes a major VR experience. This experience lasts for 15 minutes and uses UE4 for real time rendered VR. Read more here on the Acute Art website. This piece utilized a novel concept of the VR space matching the real world space it […]

Hop Hop Ninja Dojo Cover Image

Hop Hop Ninja Dojo!

Hop Hop Ninja Dojo! is a mobile game created using the Unity game engine. It was created by me with nerd. It is available to download now on Android and iOS. Development This game was developed over a month and a few days using the Unity game engine. It uses and contains a few SDKs […]

Game screenshot

2d RPG – Goddess of the Tear (wip)

Goddess of the Tear is an in progress project that aims to be a RPG with story telling elements similar to Visual Novels The shown sketches are places holders made by my partner and co designed/developer. Other assets are placeholders from Kenneys assets. Mechanics Demo Video

Modular Procedural Terrain Generation

This project was about creating a new method of procedural generating terrain for the use in games. This was for my final year dissertation. Standalone player and source code available below at GitHub. The end product is a product that demonstrates being able to build terrain by customizing methods and features used. Methods can be […]

Holocity Featured image

Holocity: AR City simulation Game

Holocity is an augmented reality, city simulation game for the Microsoft Hololens. It was developed over a space of 7 months in a team of 5. The team consisted of 2 programmers and three artists. Game Outline Holocity is a city simulation game similar to games like SimCity and Cities: Skylines where the aim is […]

Space Excursion VR

Introduction Space Excursion VR was a project completed in a group. This project was produced for a university coursework where a digital media product was needed for a company for advertising purposes. Space Excursion VR was made to assist recruitment for a fake company called the National Space Agency. The VR media product is a […]

Trapped Within featured image

Trapped Within

Overview Trapped Within is a puzzle game where the puzzles are hidden in the game environment itself. The game begins with you waking up after being trapped in one room of many in this mysterious house. You are tasked with escaping the house by solving the puzzles along the way. Trapped Within features physics and […]

2D Top down (w.i.p + WebGL build)

A work in progress project using the new 2D Tile map tools in Unity 2017.2 This project currently has: Map loading system, where scenes doors can go between scenes. Scenes can be set as persistent and are not unloaded when a new scene is entered. Scenes are unloaded automatically when a non persistent scene is […]

Somnuim (Game jam)

Somnium (Game Jam)

Overview Somnuim was a game that was created by a team of 4 for a game jam organized by some students at the University of Greenwich. The time limit was 2 days. The game was completed within the time span, and whilst having several technical features did not win. But we were very happy with […]

Adventures of Kevin

Overview Adventures of Kevin was a game i created for my CW2 of the first year of Games and Interactive systems. The game uses Unity3D and is all 2D. All of the code was written by me, and some of the visual assets were sourced from Kenney The game features: Side scrolling platform that is […]

Rails to Nowhere

Overview Rails to nowhere is the coursework piece created for Y1 of Games and Interactive systems. It was completed as a group. The coursework still has some issues, but these are planned to be fixed later for a newer release. The game is set within a train carriage with other people, and it is up […]

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