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2D Top down (w.i.p + WebGL build)

A work in progress project using the new 2D Tile map tools in Unity 2017.2

This project currently has:

  • Map loading system, where scenes doors can go between scenes. Scenes can be set as persistent and are not unloaded when a new scene is entered. Scenes are unloaded automatically when a non persistent scene is left.
  • Tile movement, with directional overriding (meaning a key can be pressed to override a direction but when released the old direction can be re activated). Its not perfect and needs some extra features to feel natural but works in most situations.
    • Collisions work based on a specific Tile map layer and checking for if a tile exists in a position.
  • Ability to view signs and read their text.

I plan to add more elements such as NPC’s with dialogue conversations, items and animations.

Assets from Kenney

Note: The game runs a bit strange in the browser, but still shows off the current features.

Try the build below in most modern and updated web browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Edge)

Size: 6.9 MB
Engine: Unity 2017.3
Platform: WebGL

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