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Adventures of Kevin


Adventures of Kevin was a game i created for my CW2 of the first year of Games and Interactive systems.

The game uses Unity3D and is all 2D. All of the code was written by me, and some of the visual assets were sourced from Kenney

The game features:

  • Side scrolling platform that is similar to most side scrolling platformers.
  • Ability to pick up new weapons and change weapons
  • Guns and enemies that can see you via line of sight.
  • A mini game where you need to convert to or from roman numerals. This is done all via code and the puzzle is random each time.

What i worked on:

Everything, as this was a personal project. This excludes the assets used from Kenney.


W A S D for movement. Mouse to look and Left Click to fire/attack.

Size: 20.9 MB
Engine: Unity 2017.1
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 and newer (X32/86)

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