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Cao Fei – The Eternal Wave VR – Art Exhibition

Project Description

Cao Fei, The Eternal Wave is an art exhibition that includes a major VR experience. This experience lasts for 15 minutes and uses UE4 for real time rendered VR.

Read more here on the Acute Art website.

This piece utilized a novel concept of the VR space matching the real world space it was played in. The main kitchen area matches the layout of the room it is played in.

My work on this project included general updating of assets, creating and changing logic for actors via blueprint and the development of a custom Unreal C++ plugin to allow calibration of the play space.

Calibration Plugin

This plugin utilized some pre existing code for finding the matrix to transform a centroid point to another. This was integrated via this plugin to allow the sampling of pre defined points in the real world space to get the resulting transformation matrix to “calibrate” the space.

This plugin was implemented via a C++ blueprint function library that was then used via blueprints to achieve this result. Calibration was performed using the Vive pro controllers.

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