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Hop Hop Ninja Dojo!

Hop Hop Ninja Dojo! is a mobile game created using the Unity game engine. It was created by me with nerd. It is available to download now on Android and iOS.

Download on the App Store


This game was developed over a month and a few days using the Unity game engine. It uses and contains a few SDKs to integrate special functionality, these are:

  • Google Firebase
    • Analytics
    • Crashalytics
  • Unity Analytics and In App Purchases (UnityIAP)
  • Ironsource Ads with many mediator plugins (inc AdMob)
    • Interstitial, Video and Banner ads used.
  • Facebook
  • Some custom Nerd plugins to access native functionality (Screenshots, Sharing, Store page redirect)
  • And some more…

All code was written in C# by me on the 4.x .NET equivalent.

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