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Rails to Nowhere


Rails to nowhere is the coursework piece created for Y1 of Games and Interactive systems. It was completed as a group.

The coursework still has some issues, but these are planned to be fixed later for a newer release.

The game is set within a train carriage with other people, and it is up to you to decipher what is going on…

This game can be completed by finishing the tasks given to you, selecting the correct dialogue options or by killing everyone.

The game features:

  • Dialogue system with branching dialogue options.
    • Ability for place holder dialogue nodes and event nodes to trigger in game events.
  • Puzzle system in 3D and 2D.
    • 3D Puzzle system is placing cogs onto their corresponding pegs.
    • 2D puzzle system involves fixing a circuit board, though the current build does not operate very well.
    • At this state it is advised to skip rooms via the leaver left by the door or by killing the character.
  • Fully custom environment models and textures for the table and seats. Human models are generated from an Autodesk generator.
  • Semi-random placement of carriages and NPCs within carriages and the puzzles.
  • Inventory/Item system to view awarded “memories” from conversations in game.

What I worked on:

I worked on the player/ inventory system that allows the player to store items in their inventory and view. I also worked on the carriage placement system as well as the system used to enable new carriages and remove old ones once the player progresses. I also worked on the dialogue system, where dialogue is internally stored as nodes and nodes have responses that can be selected from them.

I also produced the custom models that were used in the game using blender.


  • W A S D for movement
  • Mouse to look and Left Click to attack
  • E to interact.
  • Tab for Inventory.
  • Right Click to move objects.
  • Escape to pause.

Size: 187 MB
Engine: Unity 5.4
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 and newer (X32/86)

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